Tracy Carmack, CCN, ND: Health Investigator and EVOX Specialist

Tracy with video

My passion since I was 14 years old has been the study and practice of optimal health. I earned my bachelor’s degree in bacteriology from the University of Idaho. My internships were in endocrinology, biochemistry and toxicology. My first job was as a microbiology project manager at Pharmacia in Stockholm, Sweden. I was certified as a Clinical Nutritionist in 2000, a Naturopath in 2004 and a fellowship in Human Individuality in 2006. Today, I call myself a health investigator looking to solve the toughest health mysteries. I have designed a recovery program using EVOX, an advanced bio-communication technology. EVOX works like an emotional lie detector. There are many examples of people who become stressed and emotionally imbalanced because of their physical conditions – just as physical healing can be suppressed by┬ástress and emotional crisis. I emphasize the inter-connectivity of our mind-body-soul-emotion relationship because our whole being must be considered for complete healing to occur. To investigate the physical side of this relationship, I use a variety of genetic, biochemical and functional testing. I created a proof triad for clients – visualize three dots (evidence) connecting lines pointing in the direction of their solution. After a brief conversation, I will provide an estimate, proposed protocol plan with tests, times, and prices. My approach is to the point, transparent, and matter of fact. If ┬áthe protocol plan seems right for you, engage me by making an appointment to get started – 302-495-9620.

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