Forensic Tools Used In Health Investigation

Genetic SNP Testing Hair Analysis: Mineral status over time Flex: Saliva & Stool: organisms, hormones, food sensitivities Urine: hormones Blood: circulating chemistries

Emotional Hypersensitivity (EH)

Emotionally Hypersensitive (EH) individuals are more at risk for; being bullied, painful relationships, self rejection, isolation, being labelled ‘at risk’, or emotionally imbalanced. EH individuals can be empowered to recognize their unique strengths. Because of their deep emotional sensitivities, their creativity distinguishes them in the arts and sciences. In the spiritual realm they tend to have gifts of discernment, knowledge, and prophecy. Great novels and outstanding achievements are attributed to EH individuals.  

Rejection and Bullying – A Matter of Perception and Degree

At the beginning of Bullying Recovery class, led by Tracy Carmack, the following are discussed in group or individual sessions: What are Bullies:  History of Bullying: What Bullies target: Understanding Bullies:  What to do about Bullies:  Anti-Bullying Tactics: Call today for information (817) 251-5962