Kidney function greatly improved

BW: 45 year old Caucasian female referral with current HPV positive cervical PAP report. History of anemia, thyroid, bone and joint disease, and kidney disease resulting in acidosis. Desired to reduce medications. Zyto scan picked up on the HPV presence reflected in positive PAP smear, PTH gland issue which manifested with elevated serum calcium, low adrenal function effected by the C677T genetic mutation for MTHFR, and that is reflected in low iron binding issues, low transferrin, and elevated ferritin. Serum D3 level is very low, uric acid, phosphorus, BUN, and creatinine levels elevated. Immediately began some lifestyle changes and supplementing kidney function to reduce BUN, creatinine, uric acid, phosphorus, and calcium. Over a 4 month period, the elevated uric acid, phosphorus, and calcium were reduced to normal. The elevated BUN and creatinine have decreased by half.