Concepts In Wellness is a naturopathic practice offering you alternatives for healing – healing that involves a focused effort from both of us.

One often hears comments about someone treating the symptom and not the cause.  Our efforts will first identify the cause or the deficiency and then we will focus on bringing your body back to a state in which it heals itself.  I use diagnostic laboratory testing involving blood, hair, and saliva to help me pinpoint a problem.  In additional to your symptoms, I have other screening tools in the office to help guide me in determining the right diagnostic testing to order.  Your first visit often takes at least 2 hours to accomplish.  Communication is important.


Guiding You on Your Pathway to Health!

It only seems overwhelming. If I was limited to only what you tell me, we would miss important relationships that different signs and symptoms have with each other.  Your bodily functions follow many different and often overlapping, interdependent pathways.  Much like a hike through the woods; you may follow a pre-planned path, but you will cross many different pathways.  My goal is to get and keep you on the right healthy pathway.

cancer-screening-ken-wightmanWhen doing testing, I am looking for track-able data in order to identify problems and to measure improvement.  You benefit from my experience, education, and training in being able to interpret data, track changes in symptoms, and recommend supplements, diet adjustments, or other treatments.

It is well documented that healing takes place in layers; sometimes conditions worsen before they improve or sometimes old conditions that were not properly healed return and a healing crisis occurs. These are all very good signs; they mean that your body is strong enough to heal.  Otherwise, it would continue to recreate the same “dis-ease.”

Please keep in mind I am enthusiastic and passionate about my work but this does not mean that you are expected to fully understand 30 years worth of information overnight!  It is the diligent who reach their goal!  I will support, encourage, challenge and guide you.  However, I cannot “want” it for you.  Our body desires health, but we must give it what it needs in order to repair, balance, and thrive.

This introductory letter aims to give you a feel for the journey and I hope you have decided to come along. Remember the goal is to improve a bit every day; not to be perfect overnight!


Kenneth A. Wightman, ND, MS

Naturopathic, Functional Medicine and
Clinical Laboratory Consultations
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